This five-morning camp for ages 3-5 will teach manners in the sneakiest of ways. We will be planning a tea party from start to finish–how to greet friends, how to speak politely and not interrupt, how to set a table, and how to eat and drink properly. Each camper gets to invite one special (and (more…)

Modern Manners Camp, Ages 5-8 *REGISTRATION CLOSED*

This five-day camp will present a full array of social skills and manners developmentally appropriate for this age group. Through games, role plays, crafts and more, campers will practice public poise and social skills as they relate to their behavior with peers, in school, and with adults. We will focus on greetings, being a good (more…)

Modern Manners Camp, Ages 9-12

This week-long camp will teach social skills and manners developmentally appropriate for ‘tweens. This group often becomes more cynical (perhaps even employing a bit of eye-rolling?) about learning manners, so historical and practical information about rules of etiquette are discussed. We also work hard to establish empathetic intention and cultural awareness behind each polite act. (more…)

The 40th Season of the Jefferson Cotillion, 2018

Please join us for the fortieth season of the Jefferson Cotillion, where sixth through ninth graders are taught traditional, yet current, dance steps, along with dining and dating etiquette.  All of this takes place in a fun, developmentally appropriate atmosphere with certified, masters-level teachers and professional dance instructors.  All Jefferson Cotillion events take place at Farmington Country (more…)