Manners Tune-Up, Ages 5-8

Summer will be over soon and you’re sensing the need for a little tune-up before school resumes.  This two-day workshop (August 5 & 6, 3-5 pm) will do the trick!  We will be working with students, ages 5-8, on polite conversation, public manners, table setting, dining etiquette, and more.  We’ll have fun while bringing out (more…)

Manners Tune-Up, Ages 9-13

This two-day workshop (August 7 & 8, 3-5 pm) will dive right into the fundamental social skills and manners that are appropriate for this tween/early teen group.  We will focus on conversational skills, electronic etiquette, table setting, dining manners, and more. (more…)

41st Season of the Jefferson Cotillion

Please join us for the forty-first season of the Jefferson Cotillion, where sixth through ninth graders are taught traditional, yet current, dance steps, along with dining and dating etiquette.  All of this takes place in a fun, developmentally appropriate atmosphere with certified, masters-level teachers and professional dance instructors.  All Jefferson Cotillion events take place at Farmington Country (more…)