All Modern Manners classes are based on hours of research into what is relevant and important right now in human interactions.  Curriculum is developmentally appropriate and individualized as necessary.

Here’s what parents are saying about Modern Manners:

“When I saw my daughter introduce herself and offer her hand for a handshake to my friend’s elderly father, I was amazed.  This class has given her confidence in social situations which she previously lacked.  She is enjoying showing us all that she has learned at the table as well.”

“Every child should attend at least one session at The Civility School, whether the child thinks he or she has manners or not!  My boys have learned so much about not only being well-mannered, but about being a good citizen.  We seem to have lost sight of teaching our children that the world doesn’t always revolve around them…children today need to be reminded to be conscious of the wants and needs of others around them as well.  Kudo to you for reintroducing empathy into the next generation!”

“Robyn understands kids and where they are developmentally.  We all want our kids to feel confident in all kinds of social situations.  Robyn gives them the experiences they need for this to develop.  Her program is a real gift to our kids and our community.  My son had a great time in her class.”

“Robyn Jackson taught my daughter about modern manners in a fun and engaging way, from the basics of thank-you note writing to good sportsmanship on the field.  More than that, she reinforced the more important qualities that are at the heart of good manners, such as being a good listener and being respectful of others.”

“Robyn, being greeted after school with, ‘Mom, how was your day today?’ instead of ‘What’s for snack?’ has been a joy!  Thank you for reintroducing civility and courtesy into our home.”