The two levels of The Jefferson Cotillion provide a classically modern and vibrant cotillion experience.  Students in sixth through ninth grades are introduced to partner dance in a gentle, yet enthusiastic, manner by teachers and dance instructors uniquely qualified to work with students of this age.  Students also learn dining etiquette and culturally aware social skills that will enable them to feel comfortable and confident wherever life may take them.

Introduction to Cotillion, Sixth Grade:  This introduction to partner dance and social etiquette is an important building block in the foundation of social confidence and comfort.  While not a prerequisite for the Jefferson Cotillion, we have witnessed a profound expedience of benefit gained in children who have prior Cotillion experience.  This introduction season will allow children to get beyond the developmentally appropriate fears of partner dance and social interactions outside the confines of school–and to do so in a slightly more relaxed, age-appropriate manner.  In addition to dances, the sixth graders will have an “etiquette lunch”, where we practice dining manners, and an evening showcase, where parents can sit back and enjoy watching their dancers in action.

The Jefferson Cotillion, Seventh through Ninth Grades:  The cotillion experience is one that allows young teens to become socially confident.  While the concept of “cotillion” is a traditional one, we at The Civility School believe in an evolving sense of tradition, with empathetic intention being at the heart of all we do.  Students will learn four dance steps, as well as dance floor and social interaction/dining etiquette.  The season will culminate with the Holly Ball, a treasured tradition where the child is accompanied by a parent or other family member for an evening of dining and dance.

Please take a look at our registration page for details.  All students are welcome and tuition assistance is available.  We also recognize that finding semi-formal clothing for this age group is not easy, so a clothing bank is on-site at The Civility School.  (Donations of gently used semi-formal clothing for 6th through 9th grades are greatly appreciated.)