Teaching Respect for the Comfort and Convenience of Others


The Civility School offers year-round Modern Manners workshops to children and ‘tweens, private coaching in social skills, dining etiquette, and interview skills for academic and athletic recruiting, as well as a cotillion season where central Virginia ‘tweens practice traditional and modern ways to interact in social venues. In addition, The Civility School works with businesses and organizations from around the country to develop modern professional etiquette suitable for a rapidly changing world.

Our Professional Civility seminars offer a unique combination of social skills training and protocol instruction that is rarely found in other programs.  Instead of only teaching a set of etiquette “rules”, The Civility School forces our participants to see and appreciate many different perspectives.  Our graduates are able to travel freely and conduct business confidently throughout the world, knowing that they have a unique and flexible set of skills which enable them to adapt to new cultures and expectations.finally-some-snow-1024x768

JeffersonCotillionLogoThe Jefferson Cotillionpresented by The Civility School, offers a traditional cotillion season, where children in sixth through ninth grades benefit from dance instruction, as well as dance floor and dining etiquette, culminating in a parent/child dinner dance.

The goal of The Civility School is to teach social skills, modern social and business etiquette, and traditional manners within a context of empathetic intention.  Both children and adults are taught how to make use of their empathetic strengths to understand the effect of their actions on those around them.

This combination of skills learning, coupled with an emotional focus, enables students to literally and figuratively travel “outside their comfort zones” to adjust to different and ever-changing cultural expectations.  This is a must in today’s world. The Civility School is conveniently located at 1415 Blue Ridge Road, which is near the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.