Professional Civility Training


Incivility is becoming COMMONPLACE.  The Civility in America 2011 poll reported that 38% of working Americans believe that their workplace is becoming more disrespectful, and 67& believe that there is a clear need for civility training.

Incivility is EXPENSIVE.  Chris Rosen, professor of management in the Sam M. Walton College of Business estimates that “workplace incivility has doubled over the past two decades and that on average costs companies about $14,000 per employee annually because of loss of production and work time.”

Perhaps most alarming, however, is the fact that incivility is CONTAGIOUS. Researchers under Rosen found that experiencing rude behavior increased mental fatigue, which reduced employees’ self-control and led them to act in a similar, disrespectful manner toward fellow employees, as well as customers and clients later in the day.

What can Robyn Jackson, Civility Expert and owner of The Civility School, do to help prevent, or perhaps stop, this incivility spiral in your business or organization?

In her Professional Civility workshops, Robyn works with each organization to create a customized plan focused on its individual needs.  She conducts a Professional Civility Assessment to evaluate areas crucial to presenting a civil workplace environment. Depending upon assessment results, this evaluation may include individual interviews with managers and employees to get varying perspectives of the workings of the business, department, or work group.  A workshop curriculum is created.  While the foundation of every workshop is the strengthening of empathetic intention, the other topics may include: Improving communication skills between employees, mangers, and the public, body language, understanding cultural expectations, conflict management, event and dining etiquette, workplace dress, and much more.  The culmination of your training is the creation of an agreed-upon list of Core Civility Values.  The CCV created solely for your organization will be accompanied by a coinciding action plan.  Your organization’s growth will continue well beyond the hours of the workshop.

Here’s what people are saying about our Professional Civility business etiquette and communication workshops:

“Robyn is sharp and concise yet with graceful style. Frankly, I thought her course would focus only on business etiquette and wouldn’t be particularly enthralling; however, I quickly learned her consultancy slogan and general battle cry—for the comfort and convenience of others—is exactly why and what every business should practice to benefit its clients.

—Todd Hawkins
President at BuilderFish: Fine, Innovative, Signature Homes

The Civility School’s Professional Civility workshop addresses a broad range of professional etiquette topics — from basics like name tag placement and exchanging business cards to subtler issues like dealing with “awkward” hors d’oeuvres and welcoming newcomers into a conversation at a cocktail party or networking event.

Robyn explains not only the rules themselves, but the cultural history and rationale for various practices. This deeper viewpoint removes the feeling of arbitrariness and helps one remember the correct approach. Whether you are a newly minted professional or a seasoned rainmaker, you’ll finish this seminar with increased confidence in your ability to navigate various business etiquette scenarios.

Best of all, it’s a really fun and interesting way to spend a couple of hours!

—Kitt Mattingly
Attorney at Davidson & Kitzmann, PLC

“Robyn gave a terrific workshop for Beck Cohen on creating positive interactions with customers for our Service Technicians. Our field personnel had some trepidation about this, it was a first for us and rare in our industry. Robyn’s workshop made them comfortable and she got the whole group participating and interacting in ways we’d never seen before. We got a great deal of positive feedback that it helped our our guys communicate with customer more professionally AND more comfortably for them. It was a great workshop and I expect to do it again in the future. We continue to apply the principles discussed in the field. This was a great experience for us, can’t recommend it enough.”

—Matt Wilkinson
Beck Cohen

“Robyn presented a great perspective on professional conduct for the Leadership Boot Camp which I coordinated. This was a group connected to the construction industry who typically did not have much exposure to dining etiquette, email protocol, and other examples of business conduct. She has an easy going manner while setting a professional example herself.”

—Ulli Munroe
Munroe Consulting, Inc.

Thank you so much for bringing your expertise to Ivy Publications!  I admit going in to the workshop with a healthy dose of skepticism and never could have expected how helpful and useful your information was.  I refer to the business etiquette seminar on a regular basis and strongly recommend The Civility School’s offering to any and everyone…Your empathy-centered approach is the most practical point of view I’ve heard and has opened me and many of my acquaintances up to the typically rule-oriented world of etiquette.”

“The Civility School was an engaging and fun way for our staff to be reminded of those things that are key to maintaining a fresh and professional edge…”

“I am especially grateful for this instruction!  I find myself thinking about how I am affecting others much more often now.  This is really important as I attend donor dinners and events.  Thank you very much.”

“I loved the mix of advanced social skills, empathy, and etiquette.  So many etiquette workshops only focus on learning a set of rules for one type of environment.  I travel a lot and what works one place often isn’t appropriate in another.  I now feel empowered to fit in anywhere!”


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